The Mighty Men Rite of Passage takes place on the Saturday evening of the Mighty Men Western Cape camp where fathers are given the opportunity to take part in a physical ceremony celebrating his son becoming a MAN.

This is perhaps THE most IMPORTANT event in a boy`s life.

it is the official Rite of Passage given to a boy becoming a man.
In its simplest form is a celebration to mark the closure of CHILDHOOD and the new passage into ADULTHOOD.

At Mighty Men this ceremony is a tangible way to formalize a dad`s love and belief in his son.
A father’s love is the key to help his son feeling motivated and to believe in himself,
that being a good and Godly man is something they have to strive for.

Mighty Man, remember, your son was born ‘a MAN’!
Please treat him like one!

The ceremony will cover the following:
As a Christian this day is celebrated by praying a blessing over the young man`s life.

For the Mighty Men it is the handing over of a ceremonial sword as a reminder of this day, releasing God`s power into his life to empower him to prosper, do well and flourish.

The rite of Passage is not just a once in a lifetime event, it will have a long term effect on the young man`s life specially as a Christian.

It is such an important milestone and joyous occasion and should ultimately be celebrated together as a family.
It is an official recognition by a man (preferably his father) that will have an amazing effect on a boy’s life.
It frees him from having to constantly having to read ‘between the lines’ from friend’s obscure comments about his masculinity.
Instead that question is settled with the official Rite Of Passage.
He is then free to relate to friends in a more confident way.

During this ceremony, it is imparted to the boy that:
God, before the world was created, had planned for his life.
He was no surprise or accident.
He is on this earth with a PURPOSE from God which only HE can fulfill.
God made him perfect – God doesn’t make mistakes.

 There is no ‘right’ age for boys to attend the rite of passage but it should be at a point when a young man can differentiate between right and wrong and can be held accountable for his actions. At Mighty Men we do this ceremony for boys from the age of 12 years old.


God and those around him, see him as a man from that day forward and will no longer treat him as a child.

We explain and leave him with the following:
His Ethical Responsibility
His Christian Services
Him rejecting Passivity
Him accepting his responsibility (obligation, loyalty)
Him leading courageously (brave, fearless)
And ultimate the expectance of a greater reward.

Please send an email to if you would like to take part in this ceremony with your son.
Limited spaces available.