Hello and welcome to The Mighty Foundation Africa NPC website.

The Mighty Foundation Africa NPC team was established to help facilitate Christian events such as the Mighty Women-, Family -, and Youth Camps; including other ‘just-as-important-but-slightly-smaller-events’ throughout the year. Hosted for ALL of this beautiful Nation of South Africa and beyond.

The Mighty Foundation is partnering with companies and individuals in order to raise much-needed funds.

Hosting Christian events comes with huge challenges. Without the kindness and consideration from our dedicated sponsors, we simply will NOT be able to bring so many lost and broken individuals and families to the said events and workshops that we have planned. Events that will bring healing and restoration to so many.

What you help us with you can rest assure that you are sowing into the lives of individuals and families in a very positive and productive manner and we are most grateful for that.

If you would like to take hands with us, we, in turn, offer a fantastic Marketing platform for you. For further details please go directly to the Sponsor’s page.

Sincerely yours,

James A. McGowan
Director of Mighty Foundation Africa NPC

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